Malta real estate

Malta real estate market by experts’s appraisal in 2018

In 2018, this is an exciting year for Malta in real estate market. The following year, will it maintain the exponential growth like the first 6 months?

Acquisition or Lease real estate?

Buying Malta real estate is still the trend of foreign investors. In fact, in recent years indigenous and foreigners own private houses up to 92.4%. For first-time home buyers, choose apartments in areas near the place of study or work. With special government grants, many couples are making the most of their purchases as soon as possible. However, there is a challenge facing Malta’s real estate market that demand is greater than supply. Therefore, experts recommend that investors should buy when they see a real estate like that. For second-time home buyers, they like the options of villas and resorts. These second options are rarely used, but often used to rent for a monthly profit.

According to a survey conducted in June 2016, 16.4% of people owned more than 1 property. 40% are hiring another 15% real estate to use them as an investment. 40% said they own more properties to make a family getaway on weekends or holidays. The most typical resting towns are Bay St. Paul, Marsascala and Sliema.
Renting a property is not popular, but it is still a perfect choice for international students, who work in Malta for a short time. Especially with the amount of about 1,000 EUR / month owned a fully furnished apartment.

Where to buy Malta property?

When it comes to buying real estate, investors often think of attractive places like Sliema, St Julian’s and Valletta. However, properties here are getting scarcer. Many fast-paced investors turn to Griza, Msida, Lija, Balzan, Attard, San Pawl tatppTarrga, Madliena, Mellieha, etc. Both real estate in the north and south of Malta have also become more active.

Real estate trend in international investors

In recent years, Malta real estate became the European investment center. Foreign investors are willing to own more than 1 property to own permanent cards or become citizens.

In general, these investors are targeting high-class real estate, resort real estate with swimming pools, golf courses, etc. in “gold” locations such as riverside and coastal areas. A large number of iGaming employees are watching Malta as a place to start a career. Their income is not small, it can be said that this is a strong catalyst for the Malta real estate market.

Positive prospects in  Malta real estate market

According to Jeff Buttigieg real estate experts, up to 70% of Maltese people agree that the real estate market will grow positively next year. Most agree that the market will grow steadily and 19% of respondents are willing to invest in a second property. This leads to rental prices that can bring investors profits. up to 5-6% per year. Therefore, if you intend to invest some Malta real estate market, think carefully and make quick decisions.

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