Australia has long been known for being a peaceful island nation, a clean living environment, beautiful natural landscape, and always in the Top of the world’s most livable countries. Not only advantages of land, resources, legal system and transparent tax policies, good social welfare regime, low unemployment and crime, and quality of education great … created a perfect country. Australia – the ideal destination for investment and settlement of entrepreneurs worldwide including Vietnam.

In order to buy and own real estate in Australia, for investors who do not have PR (permanent resident) or Australian Passport, the current Australian law has very clearly defined in the case of a joint venture. Foreign investors want to invest in real estate in Australia, specify the transaction must:

Being in a new development project has not been sold to anyone else before (ie, must buy directly from the project investor)
Or have not been occupied for more than 12 months (for example, if the house has been built, the investor has leased it but has not sold it to anyone).
In this case, investors can buy lots of real estate in new development projects without being limited in quantity, and investors can own real estate permanently as for Australian citizens.
GOLDEN BRIDGE INTERNATIONAL is a bridge to help investors own real estate in Australia for themselves in accordance with current laws, select prestigious projects, high profitability, prime location and fast procedures. neat.

Why should we buy Australian real estate?

Australian real estate in recent years is a very attractive market for Asian investors. Australia in the eyes of Vietnamese people is a wonderful country with stable climate, security and politics. This is the reason why many investors are sympathetic to the Australian real estate market. However, there are many more reasons why Australian properties are always outstanding compared to other options.

  • Australian economy and society are constantly growing
  • The premise for future settlements for the whole family
  • Australian law is very friendly to foreign investors. Investors can borrow 100% of the value of the house with a financial loan package
  • Real Estate – The type of tangible assets, the value increases steadily every year
  • Safe assets of investors
  • When investing in a rental property in Australia, in addition to the monthly rent, the owner also benefits because the property is secured in AUD, the house price increases on average by 2% – 4% (depending on region). Moreover, when owning a home, it is easier to apply for a Visa to Australia.

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