How to Make 2019 your Canadian Immigration Year

2018 was a strong year for Canadian immigration. With the release of a new, multi-year immigration plan, Canada pledges to welcome over one million newcomers by 2021. The economy is booming, and Canadian industries are experiencing huge employment growth, meaning more jobs are available and more skilled workers are needed to fill them.

2018’s increased immigration levels set up Canada in an excellent position for receiving even more newcomers in 2019. Processing times are faster than ever, and the Canadian government has increased funding for newcomer services. The government’s push for increased immigration has created the perfect conditions for 2019 to be another year of immigration success. With this in mind, we have put together a list of the most important things to watch for to make 2019 your year for Canadian immigration.

Express Entry

The Express Entry system was introduced in 2015, and has quickly become the fastest route to Canadian permanent residence. In 2017, the majority of Express Entry applications were processed in as little as four months. The online application system for Express Entry allows the system to be more efficient, and invite successful applicants more quickly than the previous first-come, first-served system.

In 2018, over 86,000 invitations to apply for permanent residence were issued, with draws happening approximately every two weeks. With yearly immigration increases planned, the intakes for each draw are expected to rise, and the CRS cut-off to drop lower.

Provincial Nominee Programs

Provincial nominations are becoming an increasingly popular way of gaining permanent residence. With each Canadian province operating their own immigration programs, interested applicants can pick from many streams at once. Each PNP is particular, giving you room to find the one best-suited to your experience.

Three PNP streams that are particularly significant to watch for are the Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker, Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry Category B, and Ontario Human Capital Priorities. Each of these requires no previous connections to the province, meaning applicants can be successful having never been to the province or having a job offer from a provincial employer.

As PNP’s are constantly shifting, it’s impossible to know which will begin, end or change in the coming year. To stay up to date with what’s going on with PNP’s and Canadian immigration, check back for regular updates!

More to Keep in my Mind

There are a few more options to keep in mind for immigration in 2019. Canada’s Minister of Immigration has confirmed the success of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program for Maritime provinces. If this success continues into 2019, it is likely acceptance numbers will grow. As well, Quebec is expected to begin conducting draws using their new online processing system under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

Finally, October 2019 will see the next federal election in Canada. This election will determine if the country will continue under its current leadership or will change hands. It is possible that the plans for immigration intake could change with another government. If you want to take advantage of the current immigration conditions, be sure to apply early in 2019!

For more information, please refer to the website or call the Hotline: 0911 49 33 44 for direct advice on issues related to the immigration investment program, in Australia and other regions.

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