Quebec Immigration


Bordering the Atlantic Ocean, the province of Québec vast territory of over 1,600,000 km2 is covered by forests, lakes and mines. Apart from its abundant natural resources and highly efficient export infrastructure, Québec is a world-renowned leader in the field of aerospace, energy, environment and information technologies. Its population forms a rich cultural mix, with the majority speaking French.
The Québec Immigrant Investor Program allows high net worth individuals to be selected for permanent residence by making a sizable investment in the province of Québec.

Why Choose Québec?

  • Diversified and rich natural resources
  • Universal, free healthcare
  • Public education system accessible to all
  • Host of social and community services


• Have, with your spouse or common-law spouse if applicable, a net worth equivalent to 2,000,000 CAD, obtained legally, excluding donations received in the last 6 month;
• Have experience in business management, for at least 2 out of the last 5 years;
• Intend to settle in Québec;
• Agree to invest 1,200,000 CAD through an authorized financial intermediary (the investment may
  be financed);
• Score at least 40 points in a grid evaluating your education, age, fluency in French and/or English, stay
  and family in Québec.

For more information, please refer to the website or call the Hotline: 0911 49 33 44 for direct advice on issues related to the immigration investment program, in Canada and other regions.

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